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Our services and workshops offer customized, practical steps to get the results you and your team need. T.R.I. Life Coaching will provide a fresh approach to a challenging business partnership, create a more productive working environment, and meet specific goals such as building trust, resolving conflict, improving communication, and optimizing relationships.

Team coaching sessions are conducted in person and are generally accompanied with team and/or individual assessment tools. This helps the team “see” their combined strengths, blind spots, and unique dynamics to help or curtail productivity. Tremendous value, in terms of time and energy gains, comes from combining our CliftonStrengths and TTI workshops with assessments.

Whether you are an individual seeking guidance or a team leader looking for unity, we will help develop a coaching package that targets the areas slowing you down and transform them into strengths that propel you forward.

All coaching and assessment packages come with T.R.I. Life Journals and Workbooks for all participants to continue their journeys after their time with Joan. These books are helpful for ongoing mindfulness of their progress and goals and provides reminders and exercises to maintain focus on what they need from their quests.

Journal and Workbook

Executive Leadership Coaching

Our coaching benefits high-potential, fast-tracking, newly promoted, key senior-level leaders or those being considered in succession planning. Coaching supports the development of leadership competencies, increases knowledge and best use of personal strengths, and sharpens communication using TTI SI assessments.

Executive coaching is a flexible process that will vary over time. It is designed to accommodate the needs of busy executives who have constantly changing demands. We challenge them to assess behaviors and actions and identify creative effective paths to increase alignment between individual and organization. We accomplish this by reviewing current objectives and behaviors.

Executive coaching is not recommended for managing poor performance unless the leader understands what needs to improve, is invested in making the changes, and is committed to the coaching process.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Team coaching for the c-suite, directors and managers will be effective to improve communication by resolving conflict and differences and increasing collaboration. Joan uses Gallup StrengthsFinder as a starting point and moves teams into Talent Insights and Driving Forces for further team development.

Job Benchmarking

Job Benchmarking with TTI Success Insights

TTI’s patented Job Benchmarking process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the person. To do this, we explore the job through an interactive process and job assessment. When Job Benchmarking is implemented properly, it will have a direct effect on your business’ bottom line. You will attract the best candidates and save time and money by hiring the right people the first time. This reduces the learning curve with new employees who are strategically matched to fit your company.

Personal Lifeskills Coaching

Clarify your vision and renew your creativity in the areas that matter most to you. We will help you to jumpstart your personal and professional goals — whether you’re leading a team or seeking improvement in your life.



Do you feel stuck? Are you wondering what you are going to do in the next season of life? Have you discovered your purpose and meaning? Coaching through times of transitions will help navigate these feelings to find your way.



If stress and anxiety have reached the tipping point affecting work and personal life enjoyment, learning skills to manage stress can be the key. We use a variety of methodologies to get to the root of that stress. We help you develop the management skills to handle them over a three-to-six-month time frame.

CliftonStrength Self Assessment

CliftonStrengths Assessment

CliftonStrengths reveals your talents, identifying what you naturally do best. Talent is described as how a person naturally thinks, feels and behaves. You will receive customized results that name your unique talents. The results show you your gifts and how to succeed by turning your talents into strengths.

This half-day workshop is for groups, executives, managers, and team leaders who want to learn a common language of the 34 Strength Themes. This discovery enhances communication, helps resolve conflict and increases understanding of self and others. Practical examples and exercises are provided to enhance personal and professional development. This knowledge is translated into personal and career success. Discover profound insights on how to identify and capitalize on your unique talent patterns and the patterns of your team.

Social Emotional Stress

Social and Emotional Intelligence (SQ and EQ)

Social and Emotional Intelligence refers to the competencies linked to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. This enables people to understand and manage their and others' emotions in social interactions. Unlike IQ, SQ and EQ is a skill set that CAN be learned.

What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of your emotions and the emotions of others to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

Social Emotional Stress

Positive Intelligence (PQ)

When executives foster positive leadership, it keeps managers engaged and cohesive as they move through transition and expansions within the company. Research shows that when people work with a positive mindset, performance on nearly every level—productivity, creativity, engagement—improves. Happiness is a misunderstood driver of performance. People may believe that success precedes happiness.

“When I achieve the next level, happiness will be mine.”

Success is a moving target—as soon as you hit your target, it rises. The happiness that results from success is fleeting. People who cultivate a positive mindset perform better in the face of challenge. When the brain is positive, business outcomes show improvement. Unlike IQ, Positive Intelligence (PQ) can be learned.

Executive Team Building Workshops

Team building begins with behavioral training—developing awareness about actions in professional and personal settings—and observing behaviors and how those behavior styles complement or collide with peers. Our dynamic communication and executive team building workshops are a powerful way to create foundational knowledge to serve as a starting point in learning leadership style.

  • Dynamic Communication
  • Increasing Engagement Through Understanding Of Values & Driving Forces
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Corporate & Executive Team Building
  • Team Effectiveness Tracking

CliftonStrength Half Day

CliftonStrengths Half-day Workshop for Groups

CliftonStrengths, formerly known as Gallup StrengthsFinder, reveals your talents. It identifies what you naturally do best and provides customized results that name your unique talents. It shows how you're special and how to succeed by turning your talents into strengths.

This half-day workshop is for groups, executives, managers, and team leaders who want to learn the language of the 34 Strength Themes and offers practical examples on how. These themes will be translated into personal and career success. Discover profound insights on how to identify and capitalize on your unique talents.

CliftonStrength Half Day

TTI Driving Forces Workshop (What motivates your team?)

Workshops are one of the most effective ways to inspire and engage a group. Workshops create an intensive educational experience in a short amount of time. The Driving Forces half-day workshop will teach hands-on skills as participants try new methods in a safe situation and build a sense of community or common purpose among its participants. T.R.I. Life Coaching will help you build team cohesiveness, provide relationship solutions, and educate efficiently.


Joan provides training towards certifications in two specific assessments. One assessment is the Prepare/Enrich assessment to become a facilitator with premarital and married couples. The other training is for corporate clients desiring an in-house Target Training International (TTI SI) specialist.


Prepare/Enrich Facilitator Training

Prepare/Enrich assessment tool is useful for those who are working with premarital and married couples. You will learn how to effectively use the assessment in your counseling and coaching practice. You will be able to access resources to become proficient in the use of the Prepare/Enrich materials and reports. Joan is an experienced, passionate Prepare/ Enrich Trainer who will teach you the basics of how to use Prepare/Enrich with couples and answer specific questions regarding work with couples. This training certifies you as a facilitator. Seven CEU’s are available with the training.

TTI Success

TTI Success Insights for Client Certification, Train the Trainer

Incorporate the process of “people development” into the fabric of YOUR workplace culture. Client training and certification will empower corporate clients to be the internal advocate and to train their employees. This enhances value to their company and increases their loyalty to you and the TTI SI solutions you offer.

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