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Would you like to focus on what matters most? What would it look like if you were to reduce internal and external conflict? The coaching and assessment services from T.R.I Life Coaching can help you and your team reach your goals.

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    Professional and Personal Coaching

    Increase your awareness of self and others while developing your strengths and skills in Emotional, Social and Positive Intelligence.

    Personality Assessments

    Broaden your self-awareness through the use of assessments. Our assessments include TTI Success Insights, Gallup StrengthsFinder and Emotional Intelligence.

    Identify the needs of the Talent Lifecycle

    Three services I provide during the three key phases of employment

    Talent Acquisition

    1. Benchmarking
      Identifying the communication style, priorities, and perceptions essential to success
    2. Screening
      Identifying the individuals with the closest hard and soft skills and greatest growth potential
    3. Hiring
      Ensuring the written and mental resumes are congruent and exemplify what is necessary for job success

    Talent Development

    1. Onboarding
      Introduction to the corporate history, culture, and the employee’s personal contribution to corporate success
    2. Data Driven Training
      Each individual is introduced to the foundational principles necessary for improvement of their emotional intelligence
    3. Skill Set Development
      A structured learning program is developed for both technical and soft skills

    Talent Retention

    1. Performance Reviews
      Traditional performance reviews are 51% negative. Through the use of multiple development tools they are 72% positive.
    2. Capacity Development
      Building on the foundation of emotional intelligence, the skill sets of empathy, motivation, and social skills, are improved according to individual needs.
    3. Promotion
      Ensuring employee’s career path aligns with their behaviors, mindsets, expanding capacities, and leadership/management potential.

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